How to Reboot your phone if Power Key is not working

How to Reboot your phone if Power Key is not working

Hello friends, if you are worried about how to restart or reboot your phone if your phone power button not working, then this article is for you. Many were asking that I have to restart my phone but the power key is to know working so what I can do to restart my phone without going to shop for repairs. So this article also helps these peoples and this article is also fro whom who is searching for How to restart my Android device if the power button is not working , How to restart your phone, if your power button is broken , How to boot android phone without a power button , How to restart my Android phone without the power button , Is there a way to restart or reboot a mobile without power key .  

In this article, we use One Shade: Custom Notifications and Quick Settings App. 

One Shade is designed to replace your phone's notification drop-down menu with a modern, fully customizable version. In addition to a new personalized experience, it also brings extra utilities that can make your life easier.

Steps to Follow

1. First of All, Click Here To download this app. 

2. Now open App and grant permissions that were asking to grant.

3. After App opens click on layout. 

4. There You will see Show Power menu button Appears like below. Just click on the switch button to Apply. 

5. Now Scroll down to show you a notification, You will see Power Button Appearing on the notification panel.

6. Click on that button, you will see that power button menu button appear, just Click on the restart option to restart

7. Done. Thanks. 

Key Features of One Shade: Custom Notifications and Quick Settings

  • Full-color customization: Take the base layout and color all the elements how you like  Advanced notifications: Get it, read it, snooze, or dismiss.
  • Advanced music: Dynamic colors based on the currently playing album artwork. You can skip to any part of the track right from the notification's progress bar.
  • Quick reply: Reply to your messages as soon as you see them. For all Android devices.
  • Custom background picture: Pick your favorite image to be displayed in the shade.
  • Notification card themes: Android 10 inspired.
  • Light: your ordinary notifications
  • Colored: dynamically uses the notification's color as the card background.
  • Dark: blend all your notifications with a pure black background (great on AMOLED screens).
  • Quick settings panel
  • Choose a different color for the background or foreground (icons) of the quick settings panel.
  • Change brightness slider color.
  • Useful icons with your current device information
  • Choose your own profile picture to be displayed in the shade.
  • Choose between a number of tile icon shapes (circle, square, teardrop, gradients and more)
  • (Pro) Change quick settings grid layout (ie. number of columns and rows).

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