How To fix sora auto redirect problem or edit template footer (Working)

How To Edit Footer of Sora template (Working)

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Hello, Friends I hope you enjoyed our article. this article is about a sora template that means if you are looking for a sora template redirect problem, change the footer , auto-redirect then this offer is best for you. So this is article is very useful for you. so let's know step by step process. Before that Let's know some important things.

Sora templates are the Best Blogger templates provider, you can get it free as well as a  very cheap price. Blogger templates are very highly optimized and has built with HTML 5 which was Mobile Responsive and very Intuitive interface But many of us using free sora template but some of us don't able to remove credit and if you do so then you will see sora redirecting problem, so many guys use another template but that was not so friendly, so if you want to use sora template and fix redirecting problem or remove credit then see this article will help you to remove the Attribution Link (Credit Link) from all free Sora templates without redirecting to Another Page. So let's know in detail.

Note: Before doing so please take a backup of your template.

Detailed step by Step?

1. First of all Click Here to Download Notepad+

2. Now Install it simply. (Skip if you already have Notepad+)

3. Now on open Your in new tab on to your browser.

4. Go to Theme and Click on Backup/Restore option.

5. After Downloaded File, Copy it and open copied file using Notepad+

6. Now in that Search \X65 and select all line of that and cut that line

7. Now Click here and download a rar file after download just extract it and open Malzilla.

8. Now on Malzilla go to Decode section.

9. Now paste that line under Decode Section and after paste click on Run Script.

10. After that under Run Script cut that again paste it above it and click run Script. 

11. Repeat this step till the run script not generated or shows blank.

12. Now copy last code left and paste it on to

13. After that just Click on Beautify JavaScript or HTML.

14. Now copy all code and paste it in Notepad+ where you cut \x65 line.

15. Just Save all things.

16. After that Search below words and delete that only that was given below and after that paste it.

$(document)['ready'](function() {    setInterval(function() {        if (!$('#mycontent:visible')['length']) {            window['location']['href'] = ''        }    }, 3000)});
17. Now go to the blogger and theme section and restore that XML file.

18. After restore Click on Edit HTML and now search theme words like, or Free blogger template or sora template and replace it with your name and website.  

19. Done. If you facing any problem please comment.

Note: Follow steps carefully and follow me on Telegram for other latest updates. Telegram Channel-

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