How To Protect a Microsoft Document with Password

Protect a Microsoft Document with Password without any Software

Hello Friends, We all know that many documents we need to be protected so you can protect them easily by creating a password over your document easily as Protecting Microsoft Word document using the password are intended that others can not open or can not copy or make duplicate the contents of the document. So protecting your documents by using a password by just simple step as we will know below. So this All for whom who is searching for How to Protect Word Excel Powerpoint and other MS Office Document with password without any software, So this article is for them also, So let's know in brief with an example:- 

How To Protect a Microsoft Document with Password?

1. Open any Microsoft Document like Microsoft Word and open New Document (if you want to create a new document) or Open any previously saved document.

2. If you are working with a new Document just saved that else follow the next step.

3. (For MS Office 2007) Click on File >> Prepare >> Encrypt Document >> Just a Enter new password >> Ok

4. (For MS Office 2013) click File >> Save / Save As >> Browse >> select Tools >> General Options >>  Now enter your New Password and click Ok. 

5. Enjoy!


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